1¾" 3D Coil Scope

3D scopes will be discontinued for 12 months during the transfer of Titan Scopes to my son. I have limited stock left including RH Red and Silver and some LH in black.

2x & 4x  with the 2x lens fitted.
4x & 2x  with the 4x lens fitted.
4x & 6x  with the 4x lens fitted.
6x & 4x  with the 6x lens fitted.
8x & 6x  with the 8x lens fitted.

(Note: 8x normally requires a clarifier peep)


The Titan 3D scope has the size and clarity to capture all detail of a 3D target in the most demanding of conditions. Our Hoya lenses are crystal clear and are a pleasure to shoot even in wet conditions.

Titan's FIBRE COIL produces a brilliant fibre aiming dot.

As with our target model the Titan 3D offers archers the latest in scope technology. Laser centered lenses are unique to Titan, this locates the optical centre ensuring lens changing does not change the arrows impact point. You can be confident in removing or changing lenses during shooting.

Our “O” ring lens retention system enables fast and failsafe lens changes.

Titan scopes are eccentrically CNC machined from solid 6061-T6 bar ensuring superior strength. .


  • Lenses 2x , 4x, 6x or 8x (0.25, 0.5, 0.75, 1.00 diopter).
  • RH in Red or silver and left handed in black only.
  • Bubble in green or red (green standard).
  • Custom tempered High tensile threaded rod in 10/32 only



Sun Shade


Top left: Velcro strips for the shade, Top right: Not in use.
Bottom left: Sun in front of shooter, Bottom right: Sun behind shooter


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.Titan Scopes uses only

..HOYA State-of-the-art

Hard, Multicoated Lenses.